Central Mass Plumbers and Gasfitters Inspectors Association

Board Policies and Interpretations, Applications and More


13D System Installations
Accessible Gas Appliance Shut-offs
Commercial Buildings Utilizing Overhead Garage Doors
CPVC in 6 Story Buildings
CSST Installed Above Ground Exterior to a Building
Definition of Plumbing
Exception to Lining an Existing Chimney pdf format of Exception to Lining an Existing Chimney
Gas/Oil Separator Alternative pdf format of Gas/Oil Separator Alternative
Grease & Vacuum Drainage System Design
Handicap Fixture Requirements pdf format of Handicap Fixture Requirements
Hood Interlock for Commercial Kitchens pdf format of Hood Interlock for Commercial Kitchens
Lavatory Installed Outside of a Bathroom
Limited Service Health Clinics
Maximum Temperature for Hand Sinks in Commercial Kitchens
Minimum Drain Size With Multiple Shower Heads
On Demand Water Heaters
PVC for Mixed Use Installation Scenarios pdf format of PVC for Mixed Use Installation Scenarios
Safe Waste Pans for Water Heatersand Storage Tanks
Secondary Roof Drainage Systems
Siphonic Roof Drain Systems
So-Vent Plumbing Systems
















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